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May 27, 2017, 07:00AM

Everything Worked

A 2014 Rolling Stone interview with musician Grace Slick vs a 2017 Interview magazine interview with musician Loyle Carner.

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Grace Slick: We were not aware of how well things were being taken care of or not.

Loyle Carner: Oh, yeah, massively so. It was ridiculous.

Slick: Oriental rugs, Edwardian furniture, well kept. Oh, yeah.

Carner: The two together, I think, influence me equally.

Slick: Everything worked.


Carner: Just the power of words, really.

Slick: Look at the Roman Empire.

Carner: I won’t spoil it.

Slick: Didn't say anything to anybody and went straight back to the back of the hotel.

Carner: There's my manager there, a couple of my best friends, my little brother, the people who do my PR, my booking agent, everybody who's helped further me to this part.


Slick: You couldn't move around. 

Carner: You're not doing it because you want to do it.

Slick: I didn't own any of the machinery.

Carner: I went to sit with her, and forgot it was on, and ended up talking to her for ages, but with the phone recording.

Slick: It turned out a guy died.


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