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Jun 03, 2017, 02:08PM

Except When I’m Feeling Grand

A 2015 Hippo Campus Magazine interview with author Lisa “Suckdog” Carver vs a 2017 BOMB magazine interview with performance artist Ron Athey.

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Ron Athey: I find writing painful. 

Lisa Carver: You gotta feel bad sometimes.

Athey: Oh god, this should be one of my specialties. So it's hard to offset latter-day capitalism and voting against your own interests in the name of keeping it sacred.

Carver: Why would taking on other people’s lives be overwhelming?

Athey: Mostly institutional squeamishness. 


Carver: What do you mean? Not everyone trusts me.

Athey: I never try to lay out the rules.

Carver: I don’t think or care about linear narratives.

Athey: Except when I’m feeling grand.

Carver: Sure. 


Athey: More importantly, there were really horny, rough gay boys and older, fist-fucking leather men in full leathers with that rancid Crisco smell on them.

Carver: Sure. I sought them out. But whatever you can get them to agree to in the beginning is good. 

Athey: Something gets lost when that’s not needed. (laughter) Let me show you what I’ve been working on.

Carver: No one gets to guilt-monger me.

Athey: That’s the challenge.


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