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Aug 28, 2015, 10:21AM

Remember Ferguson

The media aren’t racist, observes Todd Seavey.

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Remember Ferguson—Colin Ferguson, that is. This year was the 20th anniversary of the conviction of the lunatic who, two years earlier, had killed six people on the Long Island Railroad. And it’s significant, I think, that he’s remembered primarily as a lunatic—not as a black man on an anti-white crusade.

The left is now filled (almost exclusively, it sometimes seems) with hair-trigger liar-propagandists happy to seize any opportunity to argue that the media constantly downplay crimes by white racists and play up crimes by blacks. On the contrary, I’ve worked in TV news at more than one network and can attest that they’ll go to extraordinary lengths to make minorities look good.

I’m reminded, for example, of the time I overheard two producers talking about finding information about a corrupt judge—but, alas, the corrupt judge was Hispanic, so they agreed it was best to keep looking until they found a similar case involving a white non-Hispanic. Wouldn’t want to make a member of an ethnic minority look bad if it can be avoided.

Don’t get me wrong. TV news people aren’t nearly bright enough to be truly ideological. They just tend dutifully and mindlessly to do whatever liberals would prefer.

In the case of Colin Ferguson, he was mocked for a colorful array of likely-schizophrenic statements and behaviors, and you can lament all you like the fact that the coverage of him—not to mention the treatment of him by the legal system—was not very sensitive to his obvious mental health problems. But what the media did not do, and easily could have, was constantly harp upon the fact that Ferguson opened fire that day because he hated white people.

In the years before the attack, he screamed things at his class at Adelphi University such as, “We should be talking about the revolution in South Africa and how to get rid of the white people,” and, “Kill everybody white!” He vowed to his fellow students, “The black revolution will get you!” Virtually no one responded afterwards by suggesting that we need to, say, get rid of affirmative action to stop encouraging such attitudes or examine what Ferguson’s mindset says about the black community.

And to be clear: that’s good. Because he was above all a lone nut. It happens.

Of course, there were at least two people eager to make Ferguson look like an embodiment of blacks-in-general—his radically left-wing defense lawyers, William Kunstler and Ron Kuby, who suggested that Ferguson had been driven insane by understandable “black rage” at white racism. Think how many crimes would go unpunished, and the floodgates of bloodshed opened, if that became an accepted, winning defense. Then think of the reprisals.

Then be glad the media is just individualist-liberal enough to prefer talking about specific lone nuts instead of talking about the race war for which the left-liberals perversely long. 

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  • Speaking of trains.... I have heard that Ferguson was such a nut that he had to manually load a cartridge into the pistol each time he wanted to take a shot. I hope that's not true because of what it would say about the passengers. Not like, say, the guys on the Thalys train. However, your point is not entirely congruent with Colin Flaherty's book, "White Girl Bleed a Lot", which has two major premises. One is that there is an epidemic of black on white violence and that the media are complicit--far more than you imply--in trying to make sure we don't hear about it.

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  • I would love to know how many "left-liberals" long for a race war, as Charlie Manson did.

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  • With all respect, stuff and nonsense. In Ferguson's case, the media told us "He's just crazy, race has nothing to do with it." Do you doubt that if a WHITE man boarded a train and started shooting BLACK passengers, we would be told that race had everything to do with it, regardless of his mental condition?

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