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Jun 07, 2012, 04:35AM

It Can't Happen Here

Human nature untamed is ultimately self destructive.

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I was not a cockroach when I awoke this morning. My name is not Gregor Samsa, but I live submerged deep within a Kafkaesque world. In fact, the world I live in seems to be more darkly tinged than that in which the average brainwashed American resides, the one filled with Dancing with The Stars, Ice-T, Coco and the Kardashians.


The play we’re in is by Kafka, the stage scenery is painted by Salvador Dali and Durer with a bit of Picasso thrown in for psychic distraction. If “all the world is a stage” and we’re but mere players, we are all clearly acting out a socioeconomic and geopolitical tragedy under the heat drenching spotlights in the Theatre Of The Absurd, TOTA for short. 


I am not a moral or ethical relativist, nor am I a social, economic or political relativist. Though I am educated in concepts of quantum uncertainty, duality and the reality/consciousness enigma, I believe in truth and a Manichean division between right and wrong, evil and goodness. Human nature at the individual level is prone to selfishness, avarice, hubris, lying, cheating and other aggressive behavior, socially frowned upon but rewarded all the same not only temporally but in the evolution of the species.


The big egos, the unrestrained libidinous appetites, the self-delusional Ubermensch rise to leadership positions in every aspect of life’s collective endeavor. These are our leaders in business and politics today, but they have always been so. The difference today is that we have allowed the restraints of law, religion and culturally accepted ethics put in place to check these somewhat amoral, competitive men and women, to wither away under an absurd, self-destructive leftist, liberal fantasy of self-delusion. Human nature untamed is ultimately self-destructive. We have survived as a species because of these altruistic, civic-minded human traits that require the moral and ethical governance of religion, tradition and unifying myths. In modern times, they also require the rule of law.


I am reminded of the old story of the scorpion and the frog. A scorpion asks a frog to ferry it across a stream. The frog at first refuses, saying that it fears the scorpion will sting it. The scorpion assures the frog it will do no such thing. After all, it says, we will both perish if I sting you. The frog consents, and halfway across the stream the scorpion stings it. “Why did you do that?” the frog asks as they both sink beneath the surface. “It is my nature,” the scorpion explains.


Thus it is, thus it will always be.  


That’s separate to what’s happening to our nation, our freedoms, to everything that made America as good as it gets, which was unfortunately not as good as most think, from the focus on economic issues of debt, stimulus, the Fed, Wall Street and the rest of what’s on the front burners of the MSM. Unfortunately, awareness may not change things, but being blind, dumb and docile will most certainly not. Sinclair Lewis wrote a terrific book in 1935 after his usual subjects of the mundane, middle class America of the roaring 20s were decimated after 1929. It was titled It Can’t Happen Here, and though not one of his best efforts from a stylistic perspective, it’s worth picking up a copy.  


More people have died from falling furniture in their homes over the past 10 years than died in the 9/11 attacks. Many more than this have died of food poisoning and 100 times more have died on our nation’s highways over the same period. And yet none of these deaths are responsible for the destruction of our freedoms or for the creation of the most powerful police state in history.


Homeland Security Research Council’s newest report is the most comprehensive review of U.S. Homeland Security & Homeland Defense available today. With more than 890 pages, 420 tables and 460 figures, the report covers more than 450 sub-markets. It offers for each sub-market 2009-2010 data, funding and market size, as well as 2011-2014 forecasts and analysis. This report provides essential intelligence on approximately 40 percent of the global HLS-HLD market. U.S. HLS-HLD (i.e. federal, state, local governments, and the private sector) funding will grow from $184 billion in 2011 to $205 billion by 2014—from zero in 2000.


If you believe the bull in the papers or on TV or words from any MSM outlets you’re living in a fantasyland. You’re fed propaganda and blatant lies—Iraq, Libya, Iran to the state of the economy—the truth is deep under the surface, much of it we will never know.





  • I like Kafka too, but this article reeks of paranoia.

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  • as the founder of Intel, Andy Grove said, "only the paranoid survive." Perhaps, it is true, but it is total Hubris of the most extreme kind to believe that because this America, we are immune from the same human self-destructive social tendencies of every other government that has ever existed. If you think 30,000 drones flying over our heads, a President who has a "kill list" and seems almost sexually charged by it, is all normal and because you might be a "good citizen" you have nothing to fear--that is far more dangerous than being paranoid. A few more paranoid Germans that acted, the critical missing ingredient to a simple sense of impending risk, and the world would have benefited, no? Look around you, do you really think we need HLS agents on every road to be safe. And how in God's name did America become the "Homeland"? A fascist nationalist word if i ever heard one.

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  • What is the source you are using to say "almost sexually charged by it"? I agree that the U.S. acts like big brother and has done so with the Japanese internment camps, Tuskeegee, and DHS etc. The U.S. is also far from being the moral player that it likes to project itself as. However, your hyperbole betrays a paranoid/alarmist view of what has been the case for my entire lifetime and much more. My question, What are you going to do about it besides bitch hyperbolically with statements like "30,000 drones flying over our heads" ? The U.S. has nowhere near that number of drones, or at least, never saw a credible statement suggesting an estimate anywhere near that number. You run the risk of falling into the birther bin with other psycho conspiricy theorist if you continue to use such questionable stats. I don't like the state of things either but find enough actual problems to bitch about instead of exaggerating debatable topics like, should drones be used for domestic purposes? Do they increase or decrease lives lost and injured when fighting enemies? etc.

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  • well, the FAA has been ordered to produce a plan that would allow for projected 30,000 drones that they believe could be in the nation’s skies by 2020--by police, by the HLS, FBI, and other government agencies--given the exponential expansion in the capabilities of these spy planes, a vast majority of the American population will now be not only tracked, emails, text's and wireless voice processed by the NSA but they can find a fly on your nose at your local BBQ outing if they so desire--you had better start reading up on this--it is fact, it is all public and no one gives a damn. What do you think they are going to be doing in the new many billions of dollars facility for the NSA in Utah--tracking a few dozen Arabs in Yemen? This is not paranoia, this is truth. And I assume you think that is a great thing that we have a President with a "kill list" that can and has included American citizens? The Constitution is a meaningless anachronistic scrap of parchment and that is OK for America to mureder children and women in remote areas because they are not Americans and call them all terrorists not civilians because they are within a wide radius around someone we think might be? The destruction of our morality and honor overseas inevitably will destroy the same here within our borders, if it has not done so already. All Empires fail and there has never been one as powerful and as full of arrogance as America. And I am a firm believer in our nations founding principles, I believe in what this country once stood for--wake up and truly see what is going on in this country. what I can do about it now is simply try and educate, for when the time comes there will be a fork in the road, one path to totalitarian tyranny the other to a free and open democratic republic. Jefferson was right, we need a revolution once in a while to bring our nation back to its founding principles.

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  • http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/feb/7/coming-to-a-sky-near-you/ there are more articulate articles on America's coming drone spying/surveillance state than you can imagine, all based on facts from "homeland security" and other agencies--and this is the tip of the iceberg in America.. It can happen here, it is already in process.

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  • Thanks for proving my point tstraus. Unlike your original comment, you now admit that the U.S. not only doesn't have 30,000 drones in U.S. air, it doesn't even have a plan to do so. Why not answer my question about Obama's sexual drive being stimulated by drones? Get the facts or else you won't be able to "educate" anyone. Once again, I do not defend the U.S. position on just about anything, but you sir, need facts or shut the fuck up, you are only helping the neocons sound reasonable.

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  • what? I said very clearly they do ave plans to do so, the FAA is undertaking by congressional mandate to approve flight plans for 30,000 drones--the manufactures will make this target, for sure...they are not flying overhead today, but many are..do a Google search my friend--unfortunately you are showing an egregious amount of ignorance. I am a libertarian and watch as the "liberal" Obama and his MSM sycophants play along with the necon police state--all one big happy party, the Fascist Empire of the Unites States--I will not respond anymore as you really need to do a bit of research--mind numbing lack of objectivity, cognitive dissonance and lack of available information on your part, both from the left and the right on this subject. May you dream sweet dreams of Chris Mathews and Rachael M. tonight. Obama's seems to enjoy his role as "killer-in-Chief" to much--ego and untapped libido are a seemingly biological imperative for attaining the White House--going back a hell of a long time, I postulate this President gets his thrills in a way different than say a Bill Clinton. Enough said, we are all entitled to our opinions--without cheap language and nasty tones, at least we once were in a free American, or do you not think that should be the case anymore. To each his own. Read very liberal sites, Truthdig, Salon, Alternet.com and many others...they are more likely to be concerned about issues you seem oblivious to than you might imagine. Good night Sir.

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  • Tim, you are right. I forgot to type the critical word "yet" it should have read, "they do not have a plan yet". As for your articles and "proof", it is you who are niave. Do you really think the U.S. hasn't been following your every word, tweet and email already? Do you think J. Edgar didn't have files on thousands of private citizens? Do you really think it takes BILLIONS of dollars to run the post office instead of BILLIONS to read our mail? You my friend, are truly niave to only now realize that the U.S. has known every aspect of your and my lives since we were born. Now, my question to you is, "who is more foolish? You, a writer who is revealing this conspiricy online only to become a target of big brother, or I, a political prisoner emailing from an undisclosed prison cell who has no more freedoms to trade?

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