Apr 15, 2022, 05:55AM

My Ugly Mailbag

Onanism is a theme that keeps coming up.

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The Ukrainian war against Russia has devolved into a massive crime spree, if it was ever anything else. (It was never anything else.) Yesterday morning brought news that a Ukrainian missile has damaged, and may well eventually sink, the battleship Moskva, flagship of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea fleet.

This is vandalism, taken to a murderous level: the destruction of a seacraft, moored peaceably in Russian waters, manned by wholesome Russian men, the cream of Russia’s wonderfully “integralist” society. An outrage, in other words. And yet a largely pro-Nazi Twitter resounds with huzzahs—paeans to barbarism.

“Moskva” means “Moscow,” which gives the Kiev Nazis’ assault a propaganda value that they’re sure to exploit—these psychotic heirs to Goebbels, these Mozarts of the Big Lie.


I shouldn’t be, but I’m still surprised how much the trolls who clog up my email inbox fixate on self-pleasure.

Here’s the missive from one anonymous pervert: Hey Haris [sic], you rubbing one out to the pix of the childrens [sic] corpses in Bucha? You fascist pece [sic] of Garbage [sic].

This fellow—I assume it’s a man—supports an avowedly Nazi government in Ukraine. But I’m the fascist.

Here’s another, from a troglodyte who signs himself “Mike in Alberta.” I wonder, by the way, whether this scum isn’t a member of the Russophobic Ukrainian diaspora that’s so thick on the ground in Canada; the many Ukrainians in Canada represent an undeniable liability in what’s generally an admirable country: If you were in the Russian army I bet you’d gang-rape 11-year-old girls too. Go fantasize about mass graves in Borodyanka and pleasure yourself, you murder-loving right-wing fascist bastard.

Again, there’s the psychologically interesting imputation of ugly politics to those like me who contest Nazism as embodied by the Kievan Himmlers. At any rate, no rape for me, thanks, not of 11-year-old girls or indeed of females of our species of any age (or indeed of females of any species of any age). I’m leaving aside here the documented fact that the mass rapes in Ukraine have, like the mass murders, been carried out as “false flag” operations by the Ukrainians themselves.

There’s an irony in discussing rape in the context of the Ukraine. Much of the tidal wave of pornography that that sexually libertine (and famously “woke”) “country” produces is (I’mtold) rape-themed, which suggests a culture-wide comfort with and acceptance of rape, not least as a significant economic driver (pornography constitutes a good 11 percent of the Ukraine’s miserable GDP). The phrase “asking for it” comes to mind; so does the phrase “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”; so does the admonition of Hosea that those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.

But I’ve wandered off my point and into irrelevancy: Again, it’s the Ukrainians themselves who are carrying out the mass rapes in the Ukraine—raping, and killing, their own mothers, wives, and daughters.


There’s much cognitive dissonance in the national conservative/paleocon/Russian Orthodox community over Poland’s status in this Ukraine business. Amazingly for a country that has exemplified “illiberal democracy” to an extent bested only by Glorious Hungary, Poland is siding with the woke Ukrainian Nazis against Russian Virtue.

The sad fact is that Poland has been unable to overcome a certain anti-Russian neurosis. There are historical reasons for this neurosis, but it’s nonetheless a blot on the Poles’ escutcheon. The Magyars have also had quarrels with Russia, but have admirably managed to “wise up,” to the point where they stand shoulder to shoulder—no daylight!—with the Kremlin in their response to Ukrainian aggression.

Now that Poland is at odds with Hungary, I fear a schism could form in my political community, with its great intellectuals taking sides. This must be prevented, if possible. But if it isn’t, it must be remembered that the Ukrainians, those degenerate Sowers of Discord, were its authors.

Slava Rossii!

Glory to Russia!

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