Dec 29, 2020, 05:57AM

Happy New Fear

The future’s always just out of reach.

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Predicting the future is like second-guessing what tomorrow may bring. Assuming the New Year’s anything like the last one we’re in for more of the same. It’s not even over yet. A lot can go down in a few days. No, my friends and foes... everything’s not going to miraculously get better because it’s finally a brand new year. The national nightmare is going strong.

The Armageddon merry-go-round is hard to compare to any other dark times of the last century. You can visualize the giant question mark hovering overhead as the great convergence of planets lines up like a pool ball’s trick shot. The reemergence of the Christmas star last visible 800 years ago does nothing to brighten the mood. Its discontent never found in any little town of Bethlehem. I’m not very intuitive or psychic. I can’t see the future like a storefront fortune-teller rifling through all the pockets of a drunk who stumbled in off the street for some made up predictions on their love life. The future’s always just out of reach.

All of this astronomical cosmology puts us in perfect alignment with the universe. Delicately balanced and in sync with the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year or the longest night where animals instinctively howl at the moons night sky. The Age of Aquarius is keeping right in tune with the remote radio signals bouncing back from outer space. Like we’re all in this together; these trying uncertain times kind of malarkey. The messages received are warnings sent by us from a distant future received by copies of our younger selves' shared experience in the moment. Talking to ourselves from a galaxy on the edge of a past that can break even the heartiest of hearts.

The times wither in the face of this pandemic’s collective soul. Maybe it’s possible to zone in on feelings and emotions through electric wave vibrations. Signals from a deep space far out psychedelic jargon of double talk along with the help of herbal medications and some Zen power to kick it up a spiritual notch. Can you feel the healing frequencies pulsing in your brain? The devil sold his soul to god.

Fear no gods, men or demons. The embarrassment of riches isdevoid of common sense, decency or human kindness. Like Simon and Garfunkel looking for America we’ve all gone our separate ways to arrive right back where we started approximately a year ago. Some became famous for all the wrong reasons. Many died while others just merely survived.

Virtual reality crashed into artificial intelligence. It’ll never return to normal because normal was never the norm. We can’t go back to return to forever again. It’s been a rough year for truth. Hard on everybody in a lonely world. It was always a tough town but now it’s a killer.

I’m afraid there’s nothing left to fear. Even fear itself is reduced to a sound byte. Fear the dead because it’s the only thing that keeps you breathing and kicking. It’s entirely possible that nothing was ever as important as the changing times. Plunged into the dark ages. It’s the darkness to curse. There’s light somewhere, just need to find the on/off switch. Bell-ringing is an antiquated ritual to drive away demons. The ringing of bells signifies chasing off evil spirits. Churches practice this regularly. Bells are used as alarms to denote time or celebrate weddings and call the faithful to their knees. To ring out the old, ring in the new, and drive away devils.

This next year clicks as usual at the midnight hour but no one can gather to celebrate. The Times Square ball will drop remotely. As we usher in the New Year, let’s remember the ball drops precisely at the witching hour. Cross your fingers, say a little prayer if you’re the praying kind and ring some bells too. Light a bonfire. Spread the word. Ring a damn bell.

And there you go. Ring out the cold and ring in the true. Half the people in this country are against everything you believe. If you’re celebrating this New Year, do it up right. Do what can be done before we’re all finished. Just go home, have a drink and shut the fuck up.


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