Nov 03, 2017, 07:00AM

And What of Memory?

Oh, we know the answer.

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And what of memory?
Is it with us for good or ill? 
Do we face it in the day, or 
Wait until night, when our
conscious defenses are down?

We are left with our old
unconscious to do its best to
hold back the fray, 
and let us enjoy 
our sleep,

Oh, we know the answer 
We desire, the reasons for the
denial of sleep,
Was it the lack of clarity
submerged somewhere in imagined dreams
where we had completed our thoughts
when we had naught?

As though we were pristine in our 
Self-appraisal, yearning for clarity,
Oh yes, clarity, a billy-bug staring us
In the face, clarity of will and mind,

As though into that lost jungle of mind
We might find ourselves stripped of 
evasion and able to contemplate
true miscegenation of
our thoughts,

No, this memory will not allow,
For good or ill we are
Just what we are:


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