Jun 03, 2008, 01:18PM

University Sponsors "Show and Blow" Program

In order to control student drinking at football games, the University of Wisconsin will continue a 2007 program where previously-ejected fans are given breathalyzer tests. They've given the policy the unfortunate name you see in the headline. The quoted police officer says that most tickets are given out to students who drunkenly call attention to themselves, so Splice recommends getting a mellower buzz on during this season's home games.

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Photo by compujeramey

UW-Madison’s dean of students office plans to continue a pilot program intended to curb students’ excessive drinking at Badger football games during the upcoming 2008-’09 football season.

“Show and Blow,” which launched in fall 2007, requires students with a previous ejection or citation at a home football game to blow into a portable Breathalyzer test before a game to prove their sobriety.

“We have lots of problems at football with large number of individuals who are disruptive due to intoxication,” said Ervin Cox, an assistant dean in the Office of the Dean of Students. “In trying to address that the university came up with this program.”

Cox said previously cited or ejected underage students need to blow a .00 for admittance, while those over 21 need to blow below the legal limit of .08.


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