May 23, 2008, 09:16AM

Graphic Design Gems In Sports Memorablia

Sports aesthetics blogger reviews an auction of old timey items, unearthing some really interesting vintage designs.

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"It’s been a while since I’ve run a selection of uni-related items up for auction at Leland’s. Their current auction, which runs through June 6th, is divided up into two separate catalogs — one devoted to objects and another devoted to photographs — and there’s a ton of great stuff in both categories, so I’m going to divide my coverage into two entries. Today I’ll look at physical objects; a subsequent entry (maybe as soon as tomorrow, maybe next week) will look at the photos. I assure you both entries will feature enough material to stand on their own.

Off we go:

• Here’s another one of those experimental satin uniforms, which several teams used for night games. Details and additional photos here.

• Love this beautiful batch of 1933 hockey cards (details here). And these 1961 basketball cards are even nicer (details here).

• I’ve always loved the simplicity of this NHL All-Star Game uniform. Look at those grommets! (Details and additional pics here.)



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