Sep 26, 2016, 09:23AM

Top 15 Signs For David Ortiz' Final Game at Yankee Stadium

Waiting for September 29.

David ortiz to retire after 2016 season.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

15. Who Will Be Boston's New Daddy?

14. This Retirement Tour Was Much Better Than A-Rod's.

13. I Liked Him Better on the Twins

12. I'm a Senior in High School. David Ortiz has been in Boston since I was four.

11. 2004 Still Haunts Me.

10. Where's Manny?

9. Thank you, David. We all need arch enemies.

8. Yankees-Red Sox without Jeter or Papi?

7. Ortiz Couldn't Hit Ricardo Rincon.

6. Phil Coke Gave Ortiz Nightmares.

5. Shift!

4. When Will Pedroia Retire?

3. I Hate the DH!

2. Before you leave, tell Gary Sanchez your hitting secrets.

1. David, Cooperstown is 197 miles north (Pedro is waiting for you).


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