Sep 18, 2008, 05:25AM

What troubled economy?

A week ago we mentioned that a coed planned to put her virginity on the auction block. She wasn't kidding, and now the bidding stands at around $270,000.

"I didn't expect it to take off this much," Dylan said. "I'm a big fan of anonymity and I did not expect any of this happen."

Hof said that Dylan had already passed a polygraph test verifying the authenticity of her chastity, but added that she is also willing to submit to a physical examination.

"I think I'm very intuitive and I can sense if a person is genuine or not, so I'm definitely going to be looking for that," Dylan told CBS13 News.

Dylan said she first got the idea to auction her virginity from a news story she read on the Internet about a Peruvian girl who attempted a similar cash out. The girl received an offer for $1.5 million from a Canadian man, but didn't go through with it. Dylan is pursuing the idea largely because of debt incurred when her father allegedly took out student loans in her name.

  • Somehow I suspect this is more about marketing the Bunny Ranch than about this anonymous young woman. It all seems a little too perfect - Women's Studies major? Planning on grad work on marriage? Really? Someone should tell her that if she gets into a Ph.D. program she'll get grants and won't have to pay a dime for grad school. No sex required.

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  • In agreement with asamsky. Maybe there's a book deal in the works. It all sounds fishy (and unimportant) to me.

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