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Jan 06, 2018, 07:00AM

You Know How They Do

A Downtown magazine interview with the late club owner Hilly Kristal vs. a 2011 Songfacts interview with songwriter/musician Penny Ford.

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Penny Ford: Publishing, I believe, is designed to confuse all of us.

Hilly Kristal: More money than movies.

Ford: No, not all the time. But there’s fate.

Kristal: Sure. I just don't know if Debbie Harry ever had that craving.

Ford: Her spirit is very delicate and innocent and you know, masquerading as a motorcycle gang girl.


Kristal: Of course it is enjoyable to have people applaud you.

Ford: All the way from 10,000 to sometimes 150,000 people.

Kristal: Not all of them are unique now.

Ford: Yes. You know how they do.

Kristal: Oh, come on. I'm telling you.


Ford: It's like you can tell that someone is scheduled to sit down and write this song at three o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, as opposed to it kind of magically happening.

Kristal: Maybe you can see the earth and the water and the sky a little bit more.

Ford: Well, they just started to work together.

Kristal: Sometimes they can do it live during the afternoon and we can do overdubs.

Ford: I'm going to tell you something that might freak you out, I don't know.


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