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Apr 01, 2020, 06:29AM

Wenzel Wordplay

A crossword written and designed by the Emster herself.

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1. somewhat suspicious rodent of the family caviidae
3. an idiom: the truth
5. beany treat
8. things we miss as frau von hammersmark put it (with drinking and smoking)
14. sparky mortal kombat protagonist
15. clod hoppin' comedic actor also known as louis burton lindley, jr (two words)
16. to start trouble as the cowboy puts it (two words)
18. gilliam film and largest country in latin america
19. fruity food that starts with the letter q
20. founded in edmonton, one could enjoy a great white north or a spicy perogy pizza here (two words)
2. philadelphia born actor who has met lady gaga
4. that shit that garfield do like
6. round thing, or to exhaust
7. it must be destroyed
9. woody plant often along a trail
10. that shit that garfield do not like
11. youth in venice
12. no steel here: world's tallest masonry structure (three words)
13. 1995 american crime film written, produced, and directed by michael mann and starring al pacino, robert de niro, and val kilmer
17. some folks call it a slipstick

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