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Jul 08, 2017, 07:00AM

That's Freedom

A July 2015 Complex interview with producer No I.D. vs a March 2015 FACT interview with musician Jlin.

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No I.D.: Sometimes it’s not about advice. What are we being so precious about?

Jlin: Maybe the fact that I do create from a state of unhappiness.

No I.D.: You’ve got to work on getting out of there.

Jlin: Not really. To me, that’s not even a real answer.

No I.D.: It’s like fighting to stay out of a mansion, just to prove that you can build a treehouse.


Jlin: It’s like putting a message in a bottle – I’ve no idea where it’ll end up.

No I.D.: You might end it all as a sane human being.

Jlin: [Pause] I can’t tell you how easy that is.

No I.D.: That’s true. That’s freedom.

Jlin: It wouldn’t deter me.


No I.D.: Yeah, we kept it quiet.

Jlin: Right? Impact is important.

No I.D.: It’s super particular. All of these terms are outdated but we’re still wrestling with them.

Jlin: The distance between us is something I enjoy.

No I.D.: We caught an understanding.


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