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Jul 01, 2017, 07:00AM

It's a Lie, But It's Direct

A 1998 Index Magazine interview with producer Prince Paul vs. a 1997 Might magazine interview with journalist Michael Maren.

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Prince Paul: Everybody gets scared, man.

Michael Maren: That message never gets to the top.

Prince Paul: They got caught up in the hype.

Maren: Somebody always says that, and there's nothing in anything I've written that says we should let people starve to death, that we shouldn't help people.

Prince Paul: A lot of what I talk about is more subconscious.


Maren: Well, what happened to it?

Prince Paul: Did you like it?

Maren: No.

Prince Paul: I actually like Beck. I think Beck is really ill.

Maren: It’s a lie, but it’s direct.


Prince Paul: Take the whole thing, put it together, then put the next line in, and put the sound effects around it.

Maren: You can package it, frame it, and it always looks worse than it is. Hours and hours of tape.

Prince Paul: I'm just trying to get an intellectual crowd.

Maren: But anyone who was paying attention would've known.

Prince Paul: Topics have become very limited.


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