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Jul 15, 2017, 07:00AM

You Grab It and You Kill It

A 2002 Cigar Aficionado interview with disgraced Col. Oliver North vs. a 1971 multi-network interview with late U.S. President Richard Nixon.

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Oliver North: Instantly, within minutes of that attack, the orders were being given.

Richard Nixon: It creates a false sense of security.

North: I keep telling people that.

Nixon: Everybody else does.

North: Sure. They're just like what Khadafi used to be.


Nixon: You can't be having a driving dream when you are in the midst of a nightmare.

North: You couldn't get the resources. You couldn't get the attention.

Nixon: Let me be quite candid. We won't run that kind of tape again.

North: But there's separate money for it now, and you've got separate leadership. You grab it and you kill it.

Nixon: I didn’t expect that. You couldn’t be that old.


North: One, he hasn't been heard from since December; two, the guy is such a megalomaniac that there are hundreds of miles of videotape of this guy. He thought a few floors might collapse, but that was it.

Nixon: I have seen the look in his eye when he can't pay the bill.

North: That's a sign of real leadership.

Nixon: Sure.

North: Yes.


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