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Dec 16, 2017, 06:59AM

I Was Just So Happy

A 1994 Rolling Stone interview with the late country star Johnny Cash vs. a 2017 Outline UK interview with pop star Boy George.

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Johnny Cash: Well, really what I discovered, I guess, is myself.

Boy George: It’s taken me awhile to click.

Cash: That kind of attitude, like "Let's have fun." 

George: I was just so happy. Will you wear white?

Cash: No. (Laughs) Nope.


George: No, we’ve rewritten all of it. 

Cash: I keep hearing that, but there's never been any firm offer for me to do it, and I don't know that I have any dates left.

George: For me, I’m a Gemini, so there’s always two people. 

Cash: Kate Moss was there, I didn't know the others' names, really.

George: That makes perfect sense.


Cash: But we sat down across from each other or side to side so many nights over a period of nine months, I think he knows my capabilities and my limitations musically and vocally. 

George: I think that’s what I do as a DJ; I’m very random, I don’t plan what I’m gonna play, I very much think on my feet, which is kind of what’s exciting about it and why I started doing it in the first place.

Cash: I listen to everything once.

George: No, no. (Laughs)

Cash: Listen, before you go, I want to tell you something I haven't told anybody else.


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