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Aug 21, 2009, 12:34PM

We're talkin' ObamaCare

Sen. Ben Cardin comes out to talk about health care reform in Towson. Things get... well, a little messy.

So last night there was a town hall meeting on health care reform with Sen. Ben Cardin. The meeting was at 7pm at the Towson University Center for the Arts Kaplin Concert Hall but the circus began around 5pm outside the hall on Osler drive as the street (and the world!!) was divided with Pro-Obamacare freaks on the west side of the street and Anti- Obamacare nut jobs on the east.

  • You almost lost me when you said you were notified of the event by moveon.org (and people think Fox News is bad!). But this was a really entertaining round-up of one of the town meetings. And I agree with your conclusion: no major overhaul of health care will happen.

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