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Apr 06, 2020, 06:29AM

On a Day That Doesn't Exist

A short documentary shot at CPAC 2020, featuring Donald Trump, his family, and his many fans.

The following video was included in this article:

Tom, Gillian, and I shot this 37 days ago at CPAC 2020. I came up with the title because Trump spoke on Leap Day, and as Lady Maga says in the movie, “you’ll never see me on CNN.” So much has changed in the last month, and no one knows when the next time something like CPAC will happen at all. Right before Trump went on, news broke that the first American had died of COVID-19. That was February 29. There will be 10,000+ dead by the time this is published.

Anyone invested in politics that doesn’t pay attention to every side isn’t paying attention at all. You’re just as blinkered and malnourished as a Fox News viewer if you only watch MSNBC and CNN. I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, and he’s the only reason I’m a registered Democrat (I doubt I’ll stay that way after the Maryland primary, whenever it’s held). If you want to defeat an incumbent President, you must know their base and understand their appeal. Talk to the devoted and see what’s going on.

There are things I agree and disagree with in these interviews, often in the same sentence. I’m not going to condescend or assume that my audience is stupid and needs to be told how to think. Make of this film what you will. I think the Democrats are in serious trouble against Trump, whether the candidate is Biden or Sanders (or worse, an installed candidate like Cuomo or Clinton). Too many people I talk to still don’t get Trump at all, and I made this movie to show his appeal and the people he attracts. Even in the midst of a pandemic that could’ve been avoided, he remains popular.

Brace yourselves for four more years of fun on a day that doesn’t exist...



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