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Dec 27, 2018, 06:27AM

Making Grievances about Grievances 

The humanity! The outrage! Liberals are acting just like the conservatives they hate.

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While conservatives complain about complaining on a regular basis, liberals are now echoing these chants. They’re equally stupid, and show a desire for aspirants to move up on a ladder that doesn’t care if they exist. Going with the current to avoid upsetting the charade, a deliberate reinforcement of the current is introduced at the liberal cocktail party.

This behavior is equivalent to being the narc at the school who tattles on Suzy Q for not doing her homework. Suzy Q had her reasons for not doing her homework, but who cares about that? Rather than making fun of people for not doing their homework, the common response is to make fun of them for not being fun.

Why have liberals taken on the tactic of shaming people for not conforming? Why must they prove to the world that they are simply so much fun? Is anybody really listening to their self-promotional reinforcements of the dominant current? Siding with the winner when you’re a loser is just America the beautiful, but at what point do we begin making grievances about people making grievances about people making grievances? At what point do liberals need to shut the hell up again?

I think that we are far past this point now. Liberals need to shut the hell up again. While grievance culture is, at least according to Reason, an unforgivable sin, there was once a time when liberals stood up for the underdog and listened to the grievances of the everyman. Since this is now a foreign concept for anyone on the left who isn’t a street radical, (#natbolgang excluded) perhaps it’s obvious why the GOP has become the party of the angry masses. At least Donald Trump was willing to listen to people talk about coal and shit.

Who are the real complainers here? If you know how to have a good time, you shouldn’t have to announce it to the world. Liberals and conservatives alike could stop coming off as clueless aspirants and become the founders they always were inside. If you know that you’re underground, you don’t need to namedrop the obscure record label.

It’s time for liberals to quit acting like the conservatives they love to bitch about. Yet perhaps this is just another grievance.


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