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Jun 09, 2008, 01:00PM

Hillary and the "Genderless Generation"

Many articles have been written on the sociological implications of Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy and recent withdrawal from the race, but this is the best we've read from the perspective of a young woman. Perhaps now that she's actually dropped out we can step back and recognize Clinton's significant accomplishment, regardless of your feelings about her.

The phenomenal run of Hillary Clinton, unfortunately, brought out the worst in our genderless generation. For a young woman, supporting Hillary was like drinking during prohibition - many wore Hillary buttons, but they wore them under their jackets. Hillary bumper stickers clung timidly to the backs of cars. She was the Democratic Candidate Who Shall Not Be Named, and her torrid campaign served as a symptom of the kind of gender discrimination that became acceptable the first time Obama uttered the word "hope."

Young women owe Hillary. She walked into water and on top of it for us, and although she didn't win the nomination, she didn't succumb to the mighty undertow trying to drown her, either. Instead of hope, she espoused resilience, sacrifice and headstrong fearlessness. She came to lead the savvy, transitional generation of our mothers and grandmothers who have struggled against anti-feminist currents to raise us to do things other than stew at home with a can of Tab and the latest issue of People. But as exhibited by the vitriolic media treatment of Hillary and the stigma that came with supporting her candidacy, our forewomen still swim in choppy waters.

  • This is one of the most stupid and naive articles I've read about the 2008 presidential election. Hillary Clinton was a "decorated" politician who "walked into water and top of it" for women? What a crock. I think it's an embarrassment that the United States hasn't had a female president, but Clinton was an awful, pandering and sleazy candidate. This is the woman who's been for gun control yet when her polls were down she posed with hunters, drank shots and tried to be 'jes folks. Obama, for all his faults, has never tried to appear to be someone he isn't. Had Hillary Clinton not been first lady, for better or worse, she'd never have been elected senator from a state she never lived in or had the financial clout to run for president. Walking on water, my ass. Just appalling.

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  • i couldn't stand hillary clinton and i just hope she doesn't become vice president. i don't know much about politics but i tell a phony from the real thing.

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  • The "walking on water" line got to me too. Hillary Clinton was shameless in her campaign and her husband was even worse. This was no "phenomenal run" by Hillary, it was politics as usual, male or female.

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