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Jun 12, 2008, 07:01AM

Website Lets Clinton Supporters Trade In Their Sadly Worthless Signs

A college intern at the leading online sign business came up with the brilliant promotional ploy, which lets Hillary supporters recycle while coming to grips with changing teams. No word on whether the site also helps with grief counseling.

After Sen. Clinton's resignation from the presidential race, Andre Nader, a BuildASign.com intern, introduced the idea for a promotional campaign that offers free Barack Obama signs to customers who send in their Hillary Clinton signs. Launched Friday, the program intends to consolidate support for the Democratic Party and to promote recycling.

The Austin-based online business normally sells the Obama signs for $27 but now offers them for free when a customer sends in a Clinton sign. The company also offers Obama signs for half-price when customers send proof that they have recycled a Clinton sign, said Natasha Fussell, a manager at BuildASign.com.

"It's a way to get our message across by using the excitement of the political arena to incorporate recycling, and possibly by stirring up controversy," Nader said.

"Hillary supporters may not be inclined to switch signs immediately," Nader said. "But this program may help the Democrats that supported Hillary to branch over."

Government junior Victoria Mery, a member of Students for Hillary Clinton, said she will not be turning in her "Hillary" sign but offers her support for Sen. Obama.


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