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Nov 07, 2016, 08:00AM

Austrian Court Vacates Sentence of Child Rapist Due to “Consent”

Iraqi immigrant with “sexual emergency” says 10-year-old boy didn't say “no.”

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Last December, “Amir A.,” an Iraqi asylum seeker in Austria, visited a pool in Vienna as part of a trip to encourage assimilation. While there, he followed a 10-year-old boy into the locker room and violently raped him, sending him to the hospital for emergency treatment of serious internal injuries. Amir A. returned to the pool, where he practiced diving until the police arrived to take him away.

The assailant told police that he'd experienced a “sexual emergency” while at the pool, precipitated by not having been with his wife for four months. The court sentenced him to six years for the rape of a minor, but the Supreme Court overturned the conviction on October 21, ruling that the original court had not established whether or not Amir A. realized the child was saying no to vicious crime.

The New York Times (unlike The Post) hasn't even reported on it yet. The sentence has been vacated and Amir will be tried again. Expectations are that he'll be held in custody while awaiting retrial, but damage has already been done. Austrian parents are told that when their children are out in public they could be fair game for violent sexual predators if a defense attorney can plant a seed of doubt about perceived “consent.”

The European fetish for the doomed multiculturalism experiment has landed them in this desolate place. White Catholics are the majority group in Austria, but it's impossible to imagine that one of them would’ve been granted a retrial in this case. It's just assumed that they’re cognizant of the fact that they can't have sex with a child they've followed into the showers at a public pool, even if they’re not sure the child didn't say no. The Austrian Supreme Court has demonstrated that immigrants are held to a much lower standard of behavior. This is a form of racism, based on the assumption they're uncivilized, and it tears a society apart.

Right-wing populist Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party of Austria may get elected as the nation's president on December 3. If he does succeed, becoming what the media’s says would be Europe's first far-right leader since Hitler, it’ll be in large part to double standards like the one applied in the Amir A. case.

If Europe wants to avoid the inevitable wave of such leaders, it has no choice but to adopt the Swiss approach to immigration. Switzerland, where minarets are banned, has set itself apart from other European nations struggling with serious immigration problems because it takes a harder line on granting citizenship and it allows for open discussion of issues pertaining to migrants that is stifled by PC censorship in places like the U.K. Stifling debate exacerbates the problems by sweeping them under the rug to fester.

The Swiss government refused to grant citizenship to two Muslim sisters, 12 and 14, who refused to swim with boys at school. Complying with the curriculum isn't optional. The message is, “Assimilate or you don't get naturalized.” A Muslim father who forbade his sons to shake hands with their female teacher also had his citizenship application revoked. Switzerland understands citizenship isn't a right.

This sounds harsh to progressives, who look for soft remedies to hard problems. They haven't figured out yet that multiculturalism has been an abject failure in Europe, and that it's elevating white nationalism. If you're happy with the society that many have sacrificed so much to build and improve on, requiring assimilation from immigrants is a prerequisite. The Swiss care less about an immigrant's knowledge of their nation’s national politics or history than respect for local customs and traditions. Local villages and town councils have significant input in the naturalization process, a plus in judging whether someone’s a member in good standing with the community.

It's clear that at least a certain percentage of immigrants in Europe need to be explicitly taught behavior norms. Germany's been forced to place signs at public pools explaining that groping women isn't allowed. Apparently, some immigrants believe there's such a thing as a “sexual emergency” that could be offered to the police to explain the rape of a child.

When a nation refuses to defend its children in order to make concessions to other cultures, it's become suicidal. When its Supreme Court makes consent an issue regarding sex with children, that's tantamount to the de facto legalization of pedophilia. That's shameful. The authorities won't even release Amir’s full name, as if he's the victim, but it's the child whose life has been destroyed. It's looking bad for Austria now. The people who allowed this to happen will be the ones expressing the most shock if Norbert Hofer gets elected in December, and I bet he does.


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