Apr 02, 2015, 08:51AM

Words Spoken by My Mongolian Students

Ninth-12th graders from a small town.

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My dream is love. I have a small head.

The sun is going to shine.

Am I Erdene? I am Erdene.           

Birds fly away to warm countries.

Stupid girl. Sexy girl. Kiss me.

Today is 23 February. Monday.

Are you boyfriend?

I am fine, thanks. And you?

Who is the horse’s wife?

You need to fight us.

Hi, hello, hi, good morning, teacher.

I go countryside. I eat meat.

Kill pig. Eat sausage.

In my free time carry water. In my free time chop the wood.

Ride the horse. Read the book.

My father herdsman.

My Mongolia national food.

My Mongolia national clothes.

My Mongolia very beautiful.

I will be doctor. I will be engineer. I will be actress.

I want to see ocean. I go Japan, Korea, America.

My dream.


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