Jan 08, 2016, 05:28AM

The Sport of War

The entire Western Hemisphere is founded on genocide with no historical match.

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2016 got off to a rousing start in Germany when the strapping young male invaders from Africa and the Levant decided to celebrate the New Year by mass-raping white women in Cologne, Stuttgart, and Hamburg. I suppose it’s their way of expressing gratitude for the hospitality. It made me think of the Joker’s catchphrase in Tim Burton’s first Batman movie: “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Referring to these creeps as “immigrants” is an extreme abuse of the English language: they are invaders, plain and simple. Immigrants follow protocol and obey the laws. They assimilate, adapting to local customs and mores. Invaders impose their language and customs on their targets. Traditionally, immigrants are welcomed, and invaders are killed.

Watch for the backlash, it’s going to be fun. These testosterone-laden fucks are full of bravado running with a mob. The spectacle continues when the Nazi skinheads show up, picking them off one by one for swift justice in a dark alley on the receiving end of several pairs of steel-toed Doc Martens and some bicycle chains, maybe a crude orchiectomy with a broken bottle. It’s coming. The cops are useless and they’ve all but admitted it. Germany went straight from National Socialism to National Masochism, and the German people have about had it.

They’ve had it with endless apologies and reparations for events that took place three generations ago. They’ve had it with cultural dilution and emasculation. Most of all, they’ve had it with open borders. They are an excruciatingly polite people esteemed for their adherence to political correctness, like their Scandinavian cousins. Nothing is more likely to bring out the very worst in Nordics than mass rape attacks by brown-skinned invaders. The very worst in Nordics is always a sight to behold, and I can’t wait. This is going to be better than NHL hockey, the only sport I follow besides war.

The whole premise behind the European Union has always been suspect to me. On the face of it, it was predicated on a seriously misguided attempt to emulate the United States. The United States evolved from its Anglo Saxon Freemason-inspired origins to a diverse multicultural pluralistic society, whereupon it promptly regressed into oligarchic collectivism, a convoluted hierarchic system of designated privileged classes. The EU took all the worst aspects of the USA and implemented them as policy. The USA didn’t emerge as an industrial powerhouse because of its supposed diversity or its immigrants. In fact, immigration here was severely restricted during the decades in which we became a world power. The USA became the dominant industrial power after World War Two because the manufacturing infrastructure of every other industrialized nation was blown to shit during the war. Americans have always enjoyed the safety of being out of range, except from each other, of course.

Since opening our borders to anybody capable of walking back in 1968, we’ve been in steady decline. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. The once-prosperous EU followed the same model, and they’re tanking on it. It’s forbidden to talk about it, but the tribal affiliation of the globalist billionaires behind this agenda is well known, it’s no secret. Sheldon Adelson is not a “conspiracy theory.” Haim Saban is not a “conspiracy theory.” Billions of dollars in tax-deductible donations to a racist genocidal foreign power is not a “conspiracy theory.” It’s conspiracy fact.

The United States is not a “nation” in the conventional sense of the term. The EU was an attempt to destroy the nations of Europe by dissolving national borders and national identity. National borders are like firewalls, or bulkheads in a ship. Diversity is not promoted by mixing cultures together into some diluted Eloi a la H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. True cultural diversity begins and ends with respect for the differences between nations and the integrity of national borders. The entire Western Hemisphere is founded on genocide with no historical match. The USA is a haunted house built on an Indian burial ground. We’ve all seen that movie: it doesn’t end well for the occupants. Europe, on the other hand, has its own ghosts. Those ghosts are stirring, and this could get very ugly very quickly. Pass the popcorn.


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