Jan 04, 2022, 05:55AM

The Odds Against Resolutions

In theory, a healthy lifestyle is all good, but real life has different plans.

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Illustration: Bill Moriarty

Every new year brings the same old proclamations, a list of leftover promises that didn't get accomplished. The problem is the list of undone stuff piles up as it grows longer with every passing year, making it impossible to achieve real success at any one of them. But, like all expectations, there's always the benefit of the doubt. Good intentions are fine. But reality has a different story. The outcome depends on too many factors. Am I capable of change? Do I have a choice? Maybe. Can I make the ultimate sacrifices? Probably not.

Most split-second decisions lead to half-assed goals. If you're the praying kind, even prayers unanswered. That makes every request all but impossible to achieve. To attain any goal requires hard work, determination, and persistence. These, among other humble yet futile efforts, are qualities even the most noble humans lack. It's nobody's fault. Striving for what you want but don't need. Insignificant.

Perfection is unattainable in an imperfect world. There are always warts, wrinkles, or cracks in the process to mess up the works. Get rid of desire, and half the battle’s won. What you want is what you get, not necessarily what is. The most common resolutions are losing weight, drinking less, quitting smoking, and exercising more. In theory, a healthy lifestyle is all good, but real life has different plans.

Emotions like compassion, empathy, and sincerity don't mix well in today's kick ‘em when they're down, dog-eat-dog culture. Something gets wonky in the form of failed progress. Problems grow more stilted as people search for answers to resolve them. This dilemma makes unforeseen circumstances pop up every time you turn around. Just when it can't get any worse, it does.

Is there a simple solution to life's stumble bumps and pop-up roadblocks leading to the grand total solution? The odds are against us. Tabulated diminished returns, no easy feat. The eternal question is how to gain happiness by merely doing nothing. Who says indecisive actions affect change? Existence nowadays is more about surviving another day unscathed without physical injury or mental fear. How to get through it whole is another story. The easy way out is often to do nothing. Don't screw it up by forcing the issue.

There's no turning back from the reality of predicaments. Fly or swim, run with the herd, or go it alone. It's your call. Crystal clear hi-def pictures of fuzzy shadows. Like high-resolution pixelizations on an image screen perceived by artificial means or rings played out on a vinyl record. Even tree growth rings can produce organic sounds when played on a recording device. Resolutions are passed in the halls of government to adopt changes in this or that bill before congressional hearings. Time for a revolution against expertise in unsound solutions. Expect your assassins of guilt to get in the way. Sabotage is your villain.

There’s no great mystery about how everything happens within reason. We're reasonable beings because we have the power of thought and deduction, the ability to make changes in our lives. It doesn't always play out this way. Procrastination is the true destiny to go when indecision reigns. The resolve to ignore the obvious and pretend all's well. Those who feel the need to make resolutions at the beginning of the new year only prove the point. 


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