Jul 30, 2012, 07:21AM

Realities of Flesh

Somewhere in Québec, a drunk handyman discusses breast reduction and people run over by cars.

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No, these are realities of flesh. I knew this woman, she lay down on Guilbault, a truck passed over her. She didn't lay down, she fell down, she was sick. She falls over, it's traffic, there's the truck, it passes over. She lies at the center so she escapes all, almost all. The, what do you call, it regulates the carburetor, that caught her.

She broke her right hip. She had to walk around, the cane, six weeks. She walked around like that, but otherwise she escaped. There are others, if the exhaust pipe catches you, their chins are split. The backs of their heads, it is like a fish when the hook is in its throat, the front of its throat, and the fish's head, that goes back. She was all right, she didn't have that.

Nineteen. She was my girlfriend. Yes, nice girl, good temperament, not bossy, not pick-pick-pick. This was a while ago, all right? I lived St. Henri then, out there.

Since then an operation. She went into the hospital to have it done. A breast reduction. Because she was all Dolly Parton, all in front. That is not easy. D-cup? No, E-Cup. E-Cup. That is the largest, they have no more size after that. All right, EE. But that is the largest. After that no more size. That's what she had.

Not easy to manage that. No, that is a job. A day like today, when it is close? A hot day? On a hot day, you have to walk around with this meat in front.

That is what we are. Humans are animals, and animals are meat. And on a hot day this is what she has in front, this load. So the surgery, the reduction. Hey, there is only so long, then you've got to do something.

No, the truck did not catch her breasts. It did not run over her that way. Her hip, she broke that. She had six weeks on a cane.

In line at the market, this woman, she was another woman, but her too, she was all in front: D-cup, E-cup. At the supermarket. I don't know, Trois Souers.

She had to reach behind her and reach under the breast. She had to lift the breast. You understand? She couldn't just pull back on the bra strap. She had to lift the breast. The bra catches it—whup. She lift the other breast—whup.

It was a breast like that. You wouldn't want to walk around with a breast like that. Something like that on you, it spoils the back. It's a hot day and something like that? No, that's no good.

No, she had the surgery. She was smart. She did the right thing. There is only so long you can wait.


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