Nov 19, 2019, 06:29AM

My Inner Child is an Idiot

Ancient truths from my 10-year-old self.

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If it feels impossible, it is impossible.

Just because they’re your parents doesn’t mean they like you.

You’re okay because you’re smart, and you’re smart because everyone else is dumb.

If there’s a thing you want, and you have a lot of that thing, then you’re happy.

You do things wrong.

Find somebody who’ll like you a lot. Find a lot of those people. You need to find people who will like you.

If you sit right here, you won’t get into trouble.

Everybody else knows something you don’t.

If you tried harder, you could do things right.

Don’t let a lot of people see you at once.

The really great things are off someplace, and you’ll know you’re doing okay when you’re around them and not around the garbage you’re stuck with now

Stay in your room until the situation improves.


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