May 04, 2018, 05:56AM

Jamie Kirchick Has A Point

Paleocon Diary (#117).

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Sumer is icumin in, to quote the Anglo-Saxon poem memorably parodied by the immortal Ezra Pound—the season of ardent hearts is upon us. Appropriately enough, then, the love affair between neocon Zionist degenerates and the Ukrainian Maidan fascists is newly on the boil. Thus Jamie Kirchick sneers in a tweet at the idea that State Department/Mossad operative Victoria Nuland instigated the entire Maidan Nazi uprising. Here’s Kirchick:

”Them” being the Ukrainian thugs and whores of the Kiev Maidan in 2014.

In fact, Kirchick has part of a point. I’ve never been comfortable with the insistence of us paleocons that Nuland is alone responsible for the Kiev Nazis’ overthrow of the democratically elected Yanukovych government. (Certain of my fellow paleocons, it’s true, will go so far as to allow that Nuland had help from Anne Applebaum and Masha Gessen, the last a militant lesbian and vocal traitor to her Great Russian homeland.)

Think about it. With how many Ukrainian fascists was Nuland likely to have come in contact during her infamous penetration of the Maidan crowds? Several score? Several hundred? A thousand? Even if it was the latter, and even had Nuland poured her anti-Russian, pro-fascist poison convincingly into every thug ear she encountered, that would still not have been enough to set off the social conflagration that succeeded in running the entire Yanukovych government apparatus out of the country, to find asylum only in the tender bosom of a benevolent Russia.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as astounded as any other White man by the subtlety of the descendant of the Pale, and I’m familiar with the paleocon scholarly literature on the insidious powers of the so-called “shtetl witch.” (Indeed, I direct all interested readers to Dr. Jones’ informative tract on the persistence of the tradition of Galician shtetl sorcery in Kennedy-era Miami Beach and Coral Gables, a tract that used to be available by mail order from the American Values Council of Twin Falls, Idaho.) Still, the maximalist paleocon claims for Nuland as the presiding genius of the Maidan atrocity don’t pass muster.

Less still does a subset of these claims, one to which Kirchick alludes in his tweet: that Nuland’s cookies were somehow magical, imparting to those who consumed them a zombie-like proclivity to mobilize under the Kiev Junta’s swastika banner. (Not that it matters, but I assume that what Nuland was handing out to the Ukrainian hooligans and sluts were chunks of matzoh or tasty Zabar’s rugelach, and not strictly “cookies” at all.)

These fantastical claims make us paleocons looks silly.

Forget Nuland and her cookies. The truth is far worse. Far from being the innocent marionettes of the Nulands of the world, the Ukrainians—the Little Russians, as we should really call them—actually did the evil that they did on their own, and they meant what they did. Which ugly fact leads to the terrifying conclusion that our Holy Mother Russia really is partially encircled, in Junta Ukraine, by an expansionist fascist political entity with the full berserk backing of the Israeli and U.S. imperialist warmongering establishments, and with an intent to commit anti-Russian genocide.

This is the import of the Maidan—not the wiles of a Nuland, but the utter corruption of an entire people, the Little Russian people. Our Holy Mother Russia is in bigger danger than most of us paleocons, ludicrously and self-destructively obsessed with Nuland and her sweetmeats, have realized.

Consider that Ukraine is, as we all know, a seething bazaar for black market goods, from cigarettes to the Russian girls whom Junta pimps kidnap and sell into slavery in Lebanon, to fissionable material. Can any of us doubt that the fascists in Kiev, in their ministry buildings, their façades emblazoned by the SS banner, are even now planning some sort of nuclear “event” against a Great Russian city, if only (only!) the detonation of a “dirty bomb”?

I suspect that the “Little Russian problem” will require a robust solution soon. For our part, we paleocon Orthodox converts, out of the direct line of fire (for now) of the Kiev genocide machine, must join our prayers for our co-religionists in Russia, and beg God for the liberation of Kiev, cradle of the shrine of Holy Sophia and the blessed mummified monastic corpses of the Pechersk Lavra monastery.

When Ukraine is liberated, and the death’s head flag of the Banderite-nationalist perverts that flies over Kiev yields to the holy tri-color of Our Mother Russia, I’ll visit the Lavra, which by then will have reverted to the jurisdiction of the glorious Moscow Patriarchate. There, falling to my knees in the catacombs, my face smeared with the tears of the pious, I’ll press my longing lips to the gloriously desiccated flesh of the corpse of Saint Agapetus, and recite in my broken Russian the prayer of thanks for the deliverance of God’s people from the captivity of the Babylonians.


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