Dec 31, 2015, 10:08AM

It's Our Tidal Pheromone

Pickup lines from Human Host.

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"Restauraunts and passion, pet names and time management—it begins."

"You must be an angel cuz I asked for a beer but got a chalice filled with the blood of Christ... So let's go out on a date?"

"Prepare for life creation."

"Hi, my name is Demon Tonk."

"When will you be able to destroy my boredom-induced yearning?"

"Hey, you look pretty good, good enough to fry an animal brain."

"Hi, I hold the key to mortal freedom."

"Aww yeah, you got it honey, you got that good stuff, come on over here and drench that thang in the immaterial creation glut of soul soaked voids—KTRAHMNA!"

"Hi, I'm the Sweat Mutation."

"Barnogga the Decisive pines for your savage passivity."

"Blob, blob, invigorate.
The imaginary sounds that you create,
Dance your fine ass up to thee,
A drunken whisper, a magic plea,
Glorified beyond all Earthly mist: the chocolate covered glass eternity, a.k.a. one true love."

"Hi, my name is Sandwich McTrauma."

"You feel that baby? It's our tidal pheromone. Hooray for life creation!"

"Close your eyes and accept the new reality of your body as an onslaught of revolution smoke."

"Hi, i'm the first sound monster's breakfast being."

"Hey there big vein, hows about a transfusion?"

"Why you smilin' girl? C'mon, things can't be that good. Gimme a little frown... awww yeah, that's what I'm talkin about. Now you go on and get the hell outta here honey cuz I gotta chop off my head and throw it into a giant swimming pool filled with battery acid... I mean, only if that's okay by you?"

"Hi, you're public non-property."

"I'm falling in love with you. A feathery pack of statisticians couldn't even begin to tear me from your side."

"Will you marry Baronymus Tiger?"

"Hi, my name is Crunch Tongue the Democratic Embryo."

"Ooo, what have we here? A throbbing electron in its 'weirdo' stage or are you and all your friends just happy to see the root nothingness of a foreign energy source gone normal?"

"Hi, I'm the harbinger of an awkward transitional phase."

"Hi, I'm the hamburger of an awkward transitional phase."

"Your name is spoken only by the prophets. Are you busy on Friday?"

"Gelb fronk torbog splarr, life creation and the fantasy mix."

"Hi, my name is Range Candy."


"Yo, listen to this mating call."

"Hi, my name is Hezekiah Wolf Wrangler."

"Jonta Runk Erotoggler, the beast lives!"

"What is this planet? And where are your glands!?"

"Hi, I'm the Next Africa."

"To prevent other beasts from infringing upon our food supply, you must incubate and expel a new being set... I mean, if you don’t mind. You don’t mind? Do you?"

"Your reproductive function seems to be efficient, so tell me more about your body. And please don't mince words—be as cold and clinical as possible."

"Hi, my name is Hogey Watermelon."

"Aw, c'mon sweety. You know we'll never be a part of the last chimera's death brunch."


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