Dec 24, 2008, 05:06AM

One time, when I was tripping on acid...

...I threw a no-hitter. You have to read this to be believe it.


The game started and a mist started, a misty rain. So all during the game was a little mist. The opposing team and my teammates, they knew I was high, but they didn't know what I was high on. They had no idea what LSD was other than what they see on TV with the hippies.

I didn't see the hitters. All I could tell was if they were on the right side or the left side. The catcher put tape on his fingers so I could see the signals.

There were times when the ball was hit back at me, I jumped because I thought it was coming fast, but the ball was coming slow. Third baseman came by and grabbed the ball, threw somebody out.

I never caught a ball from the catcher with two hands, because I thought that was a big ol' ball! And then sometimes it looks small. One time I covered first base, and I caught the ball and I tagged the base, all in one motion and I said, "Oh, I just made a touchdown."

We had a rookie on the team at that particular time named Dave Cash, and he kept saying after the first inning, "you got a no-no going"--a no-hitter.

I said, "Yeah, right," and I'd look.

Then around the forth inning he'd say it again. "You got a no-no going."

I look. "Yep."


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