Nov 21, 2008, 07:02AM

Age of Miracles

The founder and one-man army over at mgoblog—the world's best University of Michigan sports site—just posted a piece reflecting on the creation of the site, the man's life, and the university's woeful football program. It is, in short, beautiful, and a must read even for sports agnostics and atheists.

Powerful stuff:

I'm not really sure what happened in the past four years to change everything. Again, I think this is a fairly common occurrence these days. You spend a few post-college years wandering in the desert, melting your special snowflake shell away, and then once you've stripped yourself of that ego you find a center.

One night in 2004 I decided that I should start a blog. At some point I lost my mind, checking the traffic numbers every 30 minutes and spending every hour from my arrival at home to bedtime doing something or other related to the blog. In April of 2006 I was fired from my engineering job because instead of engineering I was mostly blogging. (And playing Tropico.) I idled around for a few months, half-heartedly searching for jobs until AOL invited me to be a lead blogger on their nascent college football site, which, when combined with the trickle of income the blog was generating at that point, added up to food and rent.

It was a leap of faith. My mom was openly petrified.


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