May 23, 2008, 05:48AM

Sausage Fest

Tampa Bay Ray's manager Joe Maddon, like any red blooded American baseball aficionado, loves meat. Here is the photographic evidence, a strange and mildly troubling expose on one man's carnivorous love.

Meat.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

"Devil Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg watched our Devil Rays beat up on the Orioles in Camden Yards on the last day of April. He presciently told the press that with the return of Cliff Floyd and Scott Kazmir his team would go on a super tear — indeed, his quote has become a perfect metaphor for the 2008 season:

It’s like two pounds of bologna in a one-pound bag.

Clearly, Devil Rays manager “Coach Joe” Maddon is the ideal man for the job of handling excess meat.

Since that fateful day, our Devil Rays have so far gone 12-8 in the month of May. So to celebrate — and to get you ready for Memorial Day weekend and the summer grilling season, we proudly present a photo essay of photos of Joe Maddon with meat:






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