Aug 06, 2008, 06:51AM

Kindagay Is The New Gay

Straight men appropriating gay culture has been hip for a few years now, but lately it's been taken to a new level. Kindagays can be found at cool parties, getting photographed and watched by cute girls while they make out with gay guys. Yet when it comes to the bedroom they stay hetero. Are kindagays a cooler version of metrosexuals?

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OK, let's examine the facts. You mostly kiss girls, but that doesn't mean you won't make out with boys. You don't cuddle with your female friends, but you'll gladly spoon your male ones. And though you haven't actually had sex with a guy, you haven't ruled it out either. Face it: You're kinda gay.

I'm not talking about bisexuality-the male form of which, incidentally, does exist-but rather, a more recent, intriguing phenomenon. First, let's talk about what this isn't.

"Metrosexual" is such a silly, outdated term that I'm reluctant to even mention it. But in a column about straight guys who act not-so-straight, how can I not? The difference is that metrosexuality was never about sexuality at all; It focused on a group of men with all of the surface-level gay characteristics-well-dressed, enthusiastic shopper, expertly groomed-and none of the bedroom ones. (I trust I don't need to list those.)

Once, when I asked a friend of mine to attend a party with me, she replied, "Why, so I can watch a bunch of straight guys get drunk and make out with gay guys?" And that was before the photographic evidence of said mackage went up on Facebook the next day, so aha! Empirical evidence! The kindagays are widespread.

  • Sounds kindalame to me.

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  • I do not like this one bit. Nope. I think the writer is trying too hard to inaugurate some kind of new trend. Lotsa gay guys crush on straight guys. And for many homosexualists, sleeping with your hot straight friend is a lifelong quest. As for being a cock tease, there are people who just love attention from all everywhichaway. These people are just greedy. :)

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  • maybe it's a new kind of straightness. like prove how super straight you are by showing how comfortable you are with acting gay. Or they are just secretly gay - I don't know.

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  • I agree with PoMoMad.

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  • i think that kindagays and metros and stuff don't really need a label, like if you think youre straight, fantastic, but if you wanna make out with a guy go right ahead. I don't like the sexual orientation boxes (that we all like to put ourselves in) at all.

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  • My hipper-than-thou friends brag about making out with each other at parties even though they're all 100% straight. In my opinion, it's just an over-the-top way to demonstrate how progressive you are and a badge of alt-hipness. But like REBECCA said - I don't know.

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  • I'm with Bort. If you're straight, what are you trying to prove? I've got no issues with sexual orientation, live and let live, but posing as something you're not is fairly strange and narcissistic.

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