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May 13, 2017, 07:01AM

You Mine For Clues

A 2017 Interview magazine interview with actress Katherine Waterston vs. a 2013 Nashville Scene interview with musician Brian “The Geologist” Weitz.

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Katherine Waterston: You were the first person I've spoken to today. 

Brian Weitz: (laughs) You have quite a sense of history.

Waterston: Thanks. Right now in front of me, I've got the Robert Lowell biography.

Weitz: It really just depends what’s going on and how sensitive you are. 

Waterston: It happens because it’s fun. It slows down and is hazy and dreamy, and you can put on certain music and go for a drive and be totally sober but feel stoned. You mine for clues.


Weitz: But that doesn’t bother us. 

Waterston: We're just kids playing in the sandbox.

Weitz: Yeah, totally. That was a long time ago.

Waterston: I went to see a different movie in London around the same time, and someone walked in during the middle of the show, and suddenly I heard a lighter, and I turned around and there's this flame—it's about five inches high—and it's a lady smoking crack.

Weitz: I don’t know, I can’t really look out into the crowd anymore and discern that.


Waterston: I think everything happens organically.

Weitz: Wow. It does.

Waterston: It happens more with the short hair.

Weitz: Yeah, we just don’t work as quickly anymore because we’re so spread out and people have children. 

Waterston: Are you driving right now?


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