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Apr 01, 2017, 09:10AM

Why Not?

A 2010 Frieze interview with sculptor Lynda Benglis vs. a 2016 L.A. Review of Books interview with novelist Walter Mosley.

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Lynda Benglis: I think the Internet is a waste of time.

Walter Mosley: Honestly. It can be really, really boring.

Benglis: The museums can’t control it. It’s infinite. 

Mosley: But indeed, even that may not be true.

Benglis: Why not?


Mosley: Inside the sphere of wealth or poverty or politics or being a policeman, you know, whatever.

Benglis: They weren’t asking questions anymore and often people were just working too logically: we do this, we do that, we react this way and we get a sculpture.

Mosley: Like, tweeting was great in the Arab Spring. 

Benglis: Latex and rubber masks, wax effigies and wax in ritual. It’s an exchange of energy.

Mosley: I can’t even keep a beat.


Benglis: It was a linear organic statement, one of curved planes.

Mosley: And then another line butted up to that, and another, and another, all the way down to the bottom.

Benglis: Everybody has his or her own handwriting but how do you develop it in a way that’s communicating?

Mosley: The truth is, you just befriend people and you hang out, you talk together, maybe you get drunk together, you talk about girls, whatever you’re talking about.

Benglis: They’ve all been used as a surface for human skin.


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