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Oct 31, 2014, 11:38AM

What Year Is It (#136)?

Clues after the jump.

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Rocky Marciano becomes the heavyweight champion of the world; Elizabeth II proclaimed queen of UK; NBC debuts Today show; Harry Truman seizes steel mills; polio kills 3300 Americans; Charlie Chaplin is refused entry into U.S.; and Sun Records begins releasing records in Memphis.

  • Marciano, a great champion. I remember QEII coronation on black and white TV. Assuming Truman had a second term (can't remember), maybe he wanted to take the steel mills sooner but didn't want to risk losing re-election. Good grief, was Charlie Chaplin still alive after I was born? Anyway, 1953.

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  • 1951 not looking anything up. Wow, mom and kiddo, looking sharp and dressed to fly, Eli.

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  • Precious shot....they look so spiffy! 1952?

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