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Nov 25, 2017, 07:00AM

We Couldn't Find Anything Though

A 2014 Index Magazine interview with businessperson/philanthropist Teresa Heinz Kerry vs. a 2010 Perfect Sound Forever interview with author/music critic Byron Coley.

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Byron Coley: Nobody would ever print anything.

Terena Heinz Kerry: Everybody makes mistakes.

Coley: And there were a couple of those in my area, sometimes in the summer where they would put on bigger concerts.

Kerry: Unfortunately that's not quite what happens in thirty-second TV ads.

Coley: This was '84 and it was pretty crude.


Kerry: We need somebody to do the housekeeping, find these inequities, and straighten them out.

Coley: Oh yeah. We couldn't find anything though.

Kerry: On rainy days, I'd sit and look at these pictures.

Coley: It wasn't like we could do it very often so we'd have to organize rides with somebody's older brother and get them a ticket - it was a complicated thing.

Kerry: All these things give you a feeling for something else.


Coley: I'd bounce back between coasts then- it was like $54 bucks then to go anywhere in the States on a bus.

Kerry: There is no material benefit, no hope for improvement, ultimately nothing quantitative.

Coley: Just friends who lived in the neighborhood.

Kerry: Let other people do whatever they do.

Coley: Very generic, hi-fi music.


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