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Dec 30, 2017, 08:38AM

There’s No Clear Demarcation

A 2017 Interview magazine interview with author George Wayne vs. 2017 Bomb magazine interview with author Kevin Young.

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Kevin Young: What I found is that quite often they weren’t very convincing and that they were shoddy in trying to convince. 

George Wayne: Jaws dropped left and right. It was hell

Young: Which is, you know, a euphemism for racism.

Wayne: You know what happens six months later?

Young: (laughs) There’s no clear demarcation. 


Wayne: He’s like a teddy bear, he’s really cuddly.

Young: He invented whole kinds and manners of exhibitions.

Wayne: She just showed up whenever she wanted.

Young: But the fact that there were hierarchies at all, of course, tells you the cause is already lost.

Wayne: This was before the internet.


Young: We supply a lot of the details and assumptions. 

Wayne: The room just took on a whole new meaning.

Young: That you for calling it uncanny.

Wayne: I have no interview.

Young: It’s a preparation for a larger theft that these little plagiarisms are but forays into.


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