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Apr 29, 2017, 07:02AM

There's Just No Money in It

A 2015 The Fader interview with rapper Big Sean vs. a 2000 Tape Op interview with musician Greg Sage.

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Greg Sage: You could find blank red lacquers at Goodwill and things like that for a nickel a piece because there was a big surplus of that stuff.

Big Sean: Like I said, I don't really take vacations, so that's my way of relaxing.

Sage: There’s just no money in it.


Big Sean: Everybody who's invested in you is going to give you their opinions and tell you what they think is best.

Sage: I'll get crap for that too, I'm sure.


Big Sean: Come on. I think that’s the wrong perspective.

Sage: Nothing really weird, I've used some plastic PVC tubing.

Big Sean: That just goes to show that you're still at the beginning of your career.

Sage: Renting a house or whatever.

Big Sean: That's not an easy thing to do.


Sage: But I never had money to market it and by the time I really kind of got it together, it was like everybody and their dog was making tube equipment.

Big Sean: Straight up. Some Jewish, some white, some black.

Sage: They were just like a human ear, they were just so amazing… magical sounding.

Big Sean: And it was great. Losing people.

Sage: It all added up.


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