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Apr 22, 2017, 07:00AM

End of Story

A 2016 Reason interview with comedian Penn Jillette vs. a 2017 Vulture interview with comedy writer Neil Brennan.

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Penn Jillette: Luddites have never won, ever.

Neal Brennan: For sure.

Jillette: End of story.

Brennan: The rest of it is basically a smokescreen.

Jillette: Yeah. Drive fast, and take chances while you still can.


Brennan: What could be whiter than that?

Jillette: All the weird-ass things that grown-ups are supposed to do.

Brennan: “Don’t look down. Don’t look down. Stop looking down.”

Jillette: And once I got sick enough, my doctors said that I should consider getting stomach band surgery, and all of the sudden I realized I could be weirder.

Brennan: That’s always my first priority.


Jillette: I have been a teetotaler all my life.  What if we put an innocent person to death?

Brennan: We would do a read-through and then we’d get on set and just go.

Jillette: I don't even know if free markets work. What we want out of you is a feeling that you aren't distorting the facts in giving us this information.

Brennan: It’s not important.

Jillette: I still don't think I am.


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