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Nov 12, 2016, 11:33AM

New York Is So Crazy

A 2016 Interview Magazine interview with artist Carrie Mae Weems vs. a 2015 Comic Book Resources interview with writer Jason Aaron.

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Jason Aaron: Right away, we’re bringing in a big, new villain.

Carrie Mae Weems: What happens when you mix colors?

Aaron: I always start out with that idea, and that’s certainly the plan here.

Weems: Oh, I think so. You spend three months writing for a lecture.

Aaron: I get back these amazing pages that I never could have written.


Weems: Well, of course there's more space—New York is so crazy—it's just like parking your car; three days later you can't find the car or I got a ticket because I parked it next to something.

Aaron: There’s a counter-effect. There are huge repercussions. 

Weems: And you can look at them in proximity to each other. I think of Duchamp constantly even though he never considered me.

Aaron: I think he’s like a doctor who looks at a patient and says, “I would gladly take that disease away from you if I could, and suffer with it myself.”

Weems: That would be really fucking boring.


Aaron: We’ve been waiting for the right time to do it, and the right person to do it with.

Weems: In fact, I'm in touch with Norman Lear now.

Aaron: Without him walking point, we’d all be kneeling at the feet of Dormammu, or roasting in the belly of some type of Cthulhu monster.

Weems: Yes, actually I am, though I do spend a lot of time in Brooklyn too. It doesn't have an artificial finish line.

Aaron: Absolutely. What are the rules of magic?


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