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Jun 08, 2022, 06:28AM

It's All Rolled Up In Paperwork

A 2012 Village Voice interview with musician Matthew Wascovich vs. a 2019 GQ interview with rapper Young Thug.

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Matthew Wascovich: You can try to plan it all out but if you are not open to things, life will kick your ass. I couldn’t believe it.

Young Thug: Yes, of course. Beyond the clothes.

Wascovich: Isn’t this true about any art?

Young Thug: It's all rolled up in paperwork.

Wascovich: I have pieces of paper all over my apartment, in my van, in my pockets. 


Young Thug: I named it Punk because when I think of the word "punk" I think of a person that don't give a fuck.

Wascovich: If that’s lame to someone, I could give a fuck.

Young Thug: Yeah. Fuckin' crazy. Kinda dope.

Wascovich: It was absurd. I also considered moving to Europe but I’m not sure that’s valid either.

Young Thug: Which is cool. I ended up laying the verse down. [Laughs] I fell asleep.


Wascovich: I try not to discuss it too much because interviews are typically short and I don’t want to unnecessarily dwell on the membership of the group.

Young Thug: I was just recording myself this morning, actually. My A&R just brought me the phone like, "Yo, GQ on the phone" while I was recording.

Wascovich: But I hear you. I still wanted the sound to swing. I don’t know.

Young Thug: I didn't even know it was me. I just heard it playing loud in the car.

Wascovich: It’s pretty cool sounding, and it’s a synthesis of all our different musical points of view.


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