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Feb 24, 2018, 07:00AM

It Does Make Us Nervous

A 2018 Interview magazine interview with filmmaker Bruce LaBruce vs a CBS News interview with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

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Bruce LaBruce: Go to an art gallery. Read a book.

Rex Tillerson: That kind of a threat to the American people by a regime like this is not acceptable.

LaBruce: I was a bit taken back, a bit stunned.

Tillerson: So we just-- we walked around the world for about an hour. I don’t know.

LaBruce: We were high and we laughed and laughed and laughed.


Tillerson: Because it buys them nothing.

LaBruce: It’s mainstream, it’s totally mainstream.

Tillerson: Riding for the brand. I ride for this brand.

LaBruce: [Laughs] It’s interesting in a sexual context.

Tillerson: That’s correct. That’s why I’m here.


LaBruce: But this is definitely more like ordering in pizza, which is cool, you know?

Tillerson: It does make us nervous. And I think it will be very explicit as to how we want to have that first conversation.

LaBruce: But sometimes it’s good to—almost like Tourettes—just bark something out.

Tillerson: Yes. That’s not what we want. We’re using large sticks.

LaBruce: Was that before or after we picked up the two hustlers at Pinocchio?


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