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Mar 03, 2018, 09:49AM

He Could Be Anybody

A 2001 Bomb magazine interview with the late playwright Wendy Wasserstein vs. a 2008 Hollywood Interview interview with the late actor Dennis Farina.

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Wendy Wasserstein: I don’t even know how this happened.

Dennis Farina: That’s what’s so scary.

Wasserstein: I know, I know.

Farina: Honestly, to us, it was just another day's work. I really can't comment intelligently on it beyond that.

Wasserstein: There are certain things you can teach yourself not to think about.


Farina: Sometimes you can surprise yourself with what you do when you just sort of go with the flow, so to speak.

Wasserstein: You teach your children not to lie, yet this society seems to lie with finesse.

Farina: Not in the combat sense of the word, necessarily, but police departments are semi-military organizations and that's the way they do business. 

Wasserstein: Yeah, that’s wonderful.

Farina: I’m very blessed.


Wasserstein: I was at a dinner party where people were literally talking about how much a man was worth and I thought, “Worthiness is now all about money.”

Farina: A no-nonsense guy, but he's also got a terrific sense of humor. He could be anybody.

Wasserstein: For good or bad, I think that’s currently very true.

Farina: I thought the ending they used was far superior. 

Wasserstein: No, but they have very nice houses.


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