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Oct 29, 2016, 11:01AM

It Could Be Interpreted Either Way

A 2014 Arcadian Rhythms interview with video game designer Sarah Northway vs a 2011 Grady Hendrix interview with the late Choose Your Own Adventure series creator R.A. Montgomery.

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R.A. Montgomery: We believe in always having the right to fail.

Sarah Northway: It is pretty tricky to figure those Kickstarter budgets out.

Montgomery: Was it successful? I don’t remember any particular response to it.

Northway: Absolutely. Heck yes.

Montgomery: It could be interpreted either way.


Northway: Should I help?

Montgomery: I don’t know.


Northway: We’re in a tiny town on a little herb and chicken farm, where deer and black bears visit our backyard.

Montgomery: That gets boring pretty soon.


Montgomery: So, you can choose to go in right away, or wait for another day, or wait for a helicopter rescue crew that might or might not get there.

Northway: There are zombies, rival gangs, and a whole lot of story wound in.

Montgomery: The choice you make might very well have a moral tone to it.

Northway: Where there is pure randomness, I want you to feel like you’re making a strategic choice.

Montgomery: And sometimes those choices are needed to make the plot advance, but it's got to be a compelling choice. And what is a compelling choice?


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