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Aug 09, 2011, 07:18AM

I Still Kill Will Be A Neurotic Gen-X Asshole

A 2009 Esquire interview with rapper 50 Cent vs. a 2009 A.V. Club interview with writer Chuck Klosterman

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50 Cent: There's people who are considered intelligent who are idiots.

Chuck Klosterman: Two of them are really into music, some of them are really into reading, one of them’s really into Entourage.

50 Cent: Even the liars.

Klosterman: How does fear of success manifest itself?

50 Cent: Most people would answer that question with a yes.

Klosterman: They’ll dress up in some kind of abstract, conceptual costume, like they’ll come as a volcano.

50 Cent: The majority of them are praised for mass destruction, but it's exciting to see how it comes to the mind mentally.

Klosterman: I don’t like crowds. I don’t know if I fear them.

50 Cent: It was a business decision. Will they shoot me, too?

Klosterman: What if I need two shots? I’m pretty ambivalent about it.

50 Cent: When you're safe, people start walking on the stage because they feel safe. People don’t walk on the stage at my shows.

Klosterman: And I just have this fear of a situation where even all the doctors and nurses are sick, so the hospitals are overcrowded, and there’s vomit in the street! You look out the window and you see people in their apartments, huddled over, and old people starving to death.

50 Cent: The price of a life is cheap.

Klosterman: I went to one of the Friday The 13th movies in the theater, and I remember a scene where Jason Voorhees beat somebody to death inside of a sleeping bag.

50 Cent: Money is freedom. Money is a private plane.

Klosterman: Flying to me isn’t scary, it’s just incredibly boring.

50 Cent: There were a lot of Charles Mansons in my neighborhood. There were no Napoleons.

Klosterman: Who would’ve guessed?

50 Cent: Tiger Woods.


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