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Feb 18, 2017, 12:03PM

I Just Wait

A 2015 Grantland interview with comedian/podcast host Tom Scharpling and a 2017 Innerviews interview with musician/producer Bill Laswell.

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Bill Laswell: You see them going in to film the video and he’s kind of drunk and doesn’t come out of his room. 

Tom Scharpling: He eats it. He goes broke.

Laswell: No. He can’t be.

Scharpling: It happened.

Laswell: Insane.


Scharpling: But it’s hilarious to me. Sometimes you create this persona where you can handle everything, but you actually can’t handle everything. 

Laswell: It’s very complicated. Nobody can say anything.

Scharpling: Kind of, yeah. Even more now than ever.

Laswell: It was very hip and will be 100 years from now. I just wait.

Scharpling: We’re trusting that the silence isn’t silence.


Laswell: It’s pompous and old, but they had an insane budget and I thought it would be a challenge to do something with it.

Scharpling: Sure. That’s the only point of having money.

Laswell: Everything else is just a setup to get there. 

Scharpling: But there’s no guarantee that anything works out.

Laswell: I had been up all night with Peter Brötzmann, Cecil Taylor and Nick Nolte in an after-hours bar.


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