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Nov 21, 2015, 10:14AM

I Have to Eat

A 2015 Interview magazine interview with sculptor Francesca DiMattio vs. a 2015 The Fader interview with rap producer DP Beats.

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Francesca DiMattio: If it's not strong enough underneath, it will implode—but not when you think it will. I think that's the way it should be.

DP Beats: It can only help both of us.

DiMattio: It doesn't want to be vague.

DP Beats: I need to just go somewhere different and jump out there and see what I can get.

DiMattio: If you want to jump now, you should. I have to eat.


DP Beats: I couldn't see trees. I didn't see cars.

DiMattio: Both have this untouchable porcupine surface.

DP Beats: Not doing too much, but still having just enough.

DiMattio: They were. [Laughs] It obviously was not, but he made it seem really possible.

DP Beats: Once everything was on there, he'd be passed out on that white leather couch, I'd still be up.


DiMattio: You look up and the ceiling is falling down with layers of dirt.

DP Beats: I was emailing, emailing, emailing. But it all worked out.

DiMattio: Yeah, I use a lot of underglaze just as they would in the Ming Dynasty.

DP Beats: Then my cousin threw me a Yamaha keyboard and I would just remake everything I heard on the radio.

DiMattio: I spent a lot of time alone.


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