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Nov 28, 2015, 12:03PM

It’s Wonderful Training

A 2015 AV Club interview with musician/author Kathleen Hanna vs. a 1996 Paris Review interview with the late author/screenwriter John Gregory Dunne.

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Kathleen Hanna: I found this amazing painting of this house with really weird perspective, and then somebody just took red paint and scratched the house out, and it’s so weird that that was just sitting at a Goodwill.

John Gregory Dunne: One must have enormous confidence to wait to figure these things out until the time comes.

Hanna: Well, I’m still in my pajamas. Which is worse than dissing someone on the Internet, if you think about it.

Dunne: It’s wonderful training. First I had open heart surgery, and just as I was recovering from that, I got blood poisoning. It was quite an experience.

Hanna: But then what do you do if you’re in a movie and you totally hate it?


Dunne: You can find great stuff in those little filler sections at the bottom of a page.

Hanna: Like a summer. Like, hatred and self-loathing.

Dunne: I have no grand plan of what I’m going to do.

Hanna: I would break down poverty with my machete; I would end world hunger. Why don’t you go read a book?

Dunne: Considerably rewritten to accommodate the narrative.


Hanna: I do have personal relationships with a lot of “fans,” in quotations.

Dunne: They all seemed to have rulers and they hit you across the knuckles with them.

Hanna: Yeah. And I had a lot of freedom to come and go, and choose my own really horrible costumes.

Dunne: What intrigued me mostly were the loops and turns of a criminal investigation, the number of tangential lives it happened to touch, and how in the course of the detective work a mosaic of petty treasons, moral misdemeanors and quiet desperation emerged that had nothing to do with the murder in question but only with permutations of life itself.

Hanna: How exhausted are you that you just said that?


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